5 Things That Are Killing Your Ambition Find Out Why


Your Job


Most people hate their jobs because it is not in alignment with their purpose. Yet we all put up with it because we are trapped in this vicious cycle that is designed to barely keep us above water. Keeping a job that has no meaning to you is beyond destructive. Here is why, it takes your independence away from you and it creates a feeling of too much dependence. Of course we all have to start a job at some point in our life to meet the basic needs of survival but to remain in it for 10, 20 and 30 years expecting that the system is going to take care of you at the end is an illusion. A job that doesn’t use your strength or talent limits your ambition. If you observe people when they are working at a job, you will notice they keep staring at the clock to see if it’s time for break or if it’s time to go home. This is because the time they put in at a job they hate is dead time. When you’re in a state where you are just passing time you are not alive. You must reclaim this dead time into something you are passionate about.

 “There are 2 lives that we choose to live, there is the life that we are living now and there is the unlived life we are not living”


Your Beliefs


I heard one time someone say opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world. I must say that this hit a nerve in me when I first heard it. When you care about what others think of you then your letting their opinions limit you. Be very careful what you believe in this world to be true or false. Society puts people on their knees by conforming them to beliefs that are shaped to kill your dreams. You need to be a person that questions everything including the beliefs you are holding on to. This will set you free from conformity and open up infinite possibilities. When you question everything, you open the mind to possibility thinking.

Social conditioning is another form of limiting your ambition. When you were dreaming of big things during your childhood you were told by your parents, teachers and friends “This is Impossible” This opinion becomes apart of your identity and personality. Everything you are today has a lot to do with your childhood’s environment. You have to breakdown every ounce of this social conditioning to liberate your mind.




Jim Rohn “Protect the front door of your mind”



Your Comfort Zone


We live in a world today that keeps us comfortable and the problem with this is we don’t get to experience new things in our life. We all heard that the best things in life are outside our comfort zone. So why do we remain in a life that does not challenge us? We cannot evolve in our comfort zone and when we do not evolve we are not ready to adapt to new changes that shatter our comfort zone. Change is inevitable and you must cultivate new skills to adapt in this fast changing world or you will be obsolete.


Greatness is stepping outside your comfort zone and going after what you want. You could be the best public speaker in the world but if your paralyzed by the fear of criticism the world will never know. You can be the best writer, or musician but if the fear of uncertainty is holding you back then your ambition is limiting you to overcome what is necessary.


“There are a lot of talents that have been consumed by a comfort zone and to allow such a silent killer is to taint what the heart wants to express”



Your Habits


Behind every successful person is a great habit repeated over and over. Our life in this present moment is a bunch of yes and no’s accumulated from the past. Your thoughts and actions are the reasons why you are where you are right now. You are the results of your daily habits. To change a habit is like going against the wind at first and as you commit to this new habit the wind will take off with you.


People have the inclination to take the path to least resistance and if this is a habit then one will never know what they can truly achieve.

If you have a desire to succeed in any endeavours it will always come with resistance. So if changing a habit comes with resistance, you can see why most people feel uncomfortable at first. This is normal because your brain has hard wired something repetitive. Even your body knows when you change a habit and the resistance comes from the tension your body is experiencing. We are creatures of habits but what separate’s us from all animals is that we have been given the dignity of choices. So if one can alter his life by making a choice to succeed then one will reap the rewards of their habit.


“I am your constant companion.

I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.

I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.

I am completely at your command.

Half of the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them – quickly and correctly.

I am easily managed – you must be firm with me.

Show me exactly how you want something done and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically.

I am the servant of great people, and alas, of all failures as well.

Those who are great, I have made great.

Those who are failures, I have made failures.

I am not a machine though I work with the precision of a machine plus the intelligence of a person.

You may run me for profit or run me for ruin – it makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet.

Be easy with me and I will destroy you.”

Who am I? I am Habit.


Your Ego


Lets check your ego and put it in its place. I have learned so much about my own ego and I realized how destructive this personality is. That dark side in all of us is our “Ego”. The ego comes in 100 shades and disguises it’s self between the conscious and unconscious mind. That tug of war in your head is your ego. If you think you don’t need to read books because you have a degree check your ego. If you’re not open to new ideas or information check your ego.

Your ego is the obstacle to humility and empathy. You cannot be a great leader if you don’t have these 2 traits in your personality. The ego is the biggest enemy to all humans and it can cloud your decisions and judgments. Some will argue that this world is very competitive and you need an ego to make space for yourself in a competitive world. To even entertain such a thought just proves how much the ego has control over one’s life. It’s the ego that wants to compete with others but the one person who exposes his ego will tell you the only person I want to compete with is the person I was yesterday. A successful business doesn’t compete with others they create an untapped market. Business’s who compete focus on brands and business’s that don’t compete but create are focused on new categories. Look at Red Bull It was the first energy drink that created a category for other brands to compete. 

“An ego is like a dust in the eye and the only way to see clear is to remove the dust from your eye and see the world”

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  • Ferdi

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    I agree with you in totality. One of the problem I had always encountered is ego, sometimes my girlfriend even complain I need to crop my ego, most times I don’t even see it. I do imagine if it’s really true about my ego. I’m currently working on my ego in order to move on. I’ts really good to have a job you have passion for and I’ve also learnt to stand in moments of challenge and not just subscribing to comfort zone at all times. I love this article, It’s great.

    Thanks Ambitions Matters.

  • Chante

    Reply Reply January 6, 2017

    I agree with every point made in this article, especially the part about beliefs. Many people just take what’s fed to them, I agree that you need to question everything (when you ask questions, you get answers, when you don’t – you remain ignorant). This is a great list of things that kill our ambitions for sure, ego is also a huge one, it’s a shame many will never see past it in their lives…

    • Most of the personality traits from our self-belief comes from our childhood. Our ego is endorsed by our environment which we react to and this is why I believe the environment can be so seductive. Great take away by your point of view.

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