img_20160227_221126-1Shakur Nour

The purpose of Ambition Matters is to help people evolve in such a way that they are connected with their ambition by contributing their gifts and idea to the world.

“Ambition is the human drive that is responsible for all great accomplishments” 


My mission is to empower a massive movement that pushes humanity forward by sharpening their greatest weapon. Their untapped mind.


There is too many of us that are living an unfulfilled life today and it is killing our ambition along with our spirits desire. Living below your potential day by day is doing more harm than you think. Here is why you are living a life without true purpose and the job you have is not helping you evolve or helping you use your gifts.


I know how this feels because I understand what it feels like being stuck in a job that doesn’t help me move forward. The paycheques are the reasons why most of us are attached to our jobs. We are all afraid to sink or swim in uncertainty but what we need to understand is that we are risking everything by not taking a risk. I came to a self-realization when I felt like I was dying inside until one day I asked myself is this what I am truly living for?

So I made a commitment to myself and it was to help people get out of a system that was designed to keep people dependent.


What I realized was the system can only hold back people without ambition and if I can tap into my ambition so can you.


Freedom is what we all want.


“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness”







Freedom from our negative thoughts

Freedom from our negative emotions

Freedom from the daily stress hormones

Freedom from our toxic environment

Freedom from our limited beliefs

Freedom from our limited perception

Freedom from our limited thinking

Freedom from a 9 to 5 with no purpose


This is what I stand for and it is my responsibility to contribute to the well being of others. My mission and purpose is to help people discover what is possible for them.