Ambition For The Next Generation

This is for the young hustlers, the young go-getters and for the next generation who will inspire a new world.



You Were Taught To Be Ordinary

  When I was a young teen I had all the odds stacked against me if I wanted to be extraordinary. My parents and teachers were teaching me to be ordinary and I had been conditioned to believe ordinary was the only way to be safe. I discovered later that people who live ordinary lives are never safe if they are dependent on the system to take care of them. This is not our parents and teachers fault, it is the clever system that is designed to keep me and you in line with the rest of the sheep’s. You are going to come across a lot of B.S. in life. Let your heart guide you. There will be a lot of unrealistic people out there that will get in your way. You will get beat down to your knees from the world we live in today. People will feel offended by your individual ways of thinking if you are not apart of a collective culture. You will be deprived and mislead. Your crazy ideas along with your ambition will be put to sleep. It takes courage to face all these odds alone.

You are not alone!

If you want to escape from the prison of society then understand the 1 thing you have control over.

  What is this one thing you say? It is your mind my young friend. The most lethal weapon against indoctrination is your individual thoughts. If you share your individual thoughts with the wrong crowd then you better expect the sheep’s to tell the wolves about you. I want you to succeed and see you evolve into a lion. When you are coming up you need to behave like the sheep’s or your creative energy will be put to sleep. Think as you like but behave like the sheep’s and you will throw them off.

How Distraction Is Wiring Your Mind Today


  It has never been more difficult to be more focus in our world today. You as the next generation will be suffering more from it. There are a million things trying to compete for your attention today and society’s role is to make you a consumer and not a producer. Society knows weak minds stimulate the economy. Your role as the young generation is to question everything.

How is your mind being shaped by society today?

How are you giving access to your sub-conscious mind?


  The cause of an unfulfilled life is constantly seeking novelty. It’s a mousetrap with unlimited cheese. We have cluttered a beautiful mind and it will take sometime to recover from distractions. Our purpose in life is to seek out what makes us truly happy.


  Attention is very valuable and distraction always finds a way to keep it away from its purpose. When you’re watching TV you are in a relaxed state. This is when we are giving access to our subconscious mind to TV ads. Our minds are being shaped to divide our attention and to think in a collective way. Chasing your dreams is not going to be easy when the system is designed to re-program your mind. With all the distraction in the modern world you need to develop the ability to tune out. Learn to be in solitude or go for long walks without your phone. Block the world from having access to you for 1 hour a day. I can already imagine what your thinking. I can’t live without my phone for a minute!! I can’t sit with myself and I have to be distracted from the problems I am facing. I understand how you feel because your mind is shaped to protect you. I am not trying to get in your way like your mind is right now. I want to open up your mind so you can follow your heart.

 Don’t Become Naive

   Question everything and don’t believe anything unless it agrees with your reasoning or common sense. There is just too much information out there that contradicts each other. I don’t even want you to believe me unless it agrees with your values. I am sick and tired of people that take advantage of others. This world is missing authentic leaders in every industry. We are living in the information age and we have to learn to filter out bad information so we can get to the truth. We have to become lawyers of the information age and give the right facts to people so the next generation is not misled.

Rejection Means Re-direction


  Everyone faces rejection but the fact that others tie their self-worth to it is demeaning. Why should your self-esteem and confidence pay the price of rejection? How many times have you rejected an idea? Haven’t you noticed people that get rejected the most seem to live a life most can’t. Here are just a few names that faced daily rejections, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Rejection is your teacher and it is redirecting you to something better. Learn to be un-affected by it and do not let your mind create negative stories about it. Learn to accept failure, rejection and pain to be apart of your life but don’t accept not trying at all.


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