The Art Of Discipline & Structure

  “An undisciplined life is an insane life”


It said that when we have daily routines and structures in our lives we become more contented and satisfied with life. However the opposite of this notion will lead to a life of mood swings and undesirable behaviours.

Making A Contribution To Self-Esteem

Each time we plan our days with routines that make a contribution to our confidence and self-esteem, we feel good about ourselves. This leads to more joy and happiness. We become radiant and other people notice the glow on our faces. This can only be achieved by having the discipline to impact the quality of your life. The quality of life comes from making good choices we can benefit from. If you have low self-esteem then it is evident that your life is a mess with destructive routines. When you make poor choices you are disconnected from joy and happiness.


Discipline and structure shows commitment to your rituals. All religious people are devoted to a way of life by connecting with something greater then themselves. This is why religious people are often happy and satisfied with their lives. It is because they follow a structure that gives them a peace of mind. When we are devoted to a business, relationship or some other cause, we give meaning to our lives. A person who is devoted to something will always be consistent with their actions and behavior.


Having daily disciplines filter out all the excuses we make. The rule of discipline is to make a promise to yourself. When we make things non-negotiable we develop courage to act on something. Often we talk ourselves out of something that can improve the quality of our life. This is because our brain has evolved to being lazy today. It’s always easier to sit on the couch and watch TV then it is to go to the gym. There is a much greater value on the other side of pain and discomfort. The hardest part is starting something new and then it becomes second nature to you.

More Self-Control

When we learn how to over ride our thoughts, feelings and behaviour we become the master of our minds. If you take a close look at a dog that has no discipline or structure, you can see the chaos and destructive behaviour in the house. The same thing is true for humans. If we have no self-control then our weak desires corrupt our temple. People that have self-control have higher dopamine levels because of delaying gratification and rewards. They are able to focus more and become more productive in a task or a goal. Without self-control there can be no freedom attained because you will always submit to weak desires and behaviours. If you want to change something in your life then you must understand you are always 1 decision away from it. Freedom doesn’t come at a cost because you will always have more control over your choices and behaviour.


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