How The Average Man Blows His 20’s Away

When we are in our 20’s we buy into the Y.O.L.O. lifestyle. We don’t know who we are yet and all we can think of is to be cool and fit in. We desire to buy that car and show it off to our family and friends because we think this is how a man should be acting. We buy things to look good for women, which take us away from being authentic to ourselves. Our behavior is determined by seeking approval from the people around us. Young men have ambition to please people around them but this is not practical ambition.


You could be on the train or eating your lunch while your scrolling through this article. What ever it is that you’re doing sit back and drink your coffee because I am about to tell you how I blew my 20’s away.


During my last year in high school I bought a 1989 Cadillac Deville, yes it was old school with the white walls and tints. This was my first car and I was excited to finish my last year of high school. I was working full-time as a chef while I was attending school. I lived with my parents and I was not obligated to pay rent so I had income with no expenses at the time. With this income to myself I started acquiring the taste for a luxury lifestyle. Thinking I was young with no obligations I was living for the moment and ignored to save or invest a penny for the future. I bought the nicest clothes one could put together. Suddenly I was getting attention from the school I was attending. It was getting so bad that I started entering through the back of the school. When a pair of Air Jordan’s were launched, me and my good friend “Delroy” R.I.P. Would drive up to the mall and purchase them.

We had all the matching jersey’s to match with our outfit. Everyday would be like a fashion appearance. Like I said I had to start entering through the back of the school because of being overwhelmed with this much attention. One would say I have reached the pinnacles of my social status within my last year of high school but it was just the beginning of my life.


After I finished school I devoted my time to work more hours at the restaurant. During this period I wanted to explore more options on how to make more money. One day at work while me and my close friend Biko were having a lunch break in the back of the restaurant, we had a very important conversation. That conversation we had would lead me into a different direction in my life. We both asked each other about where we wanted to go with our lives now? At the time my friend Biko was pursuing his passion on the side to be a choreographer and now dances for the Toronto Raptors. I was still in search of my passion. So I did what anyone else would have done to make more money. I got a second job that paid more and had more opportunity to climb the ladder.


While approaching the second phase of my 20’s I had the obsession to acquire more new toys. I bought a Chrysler 300 when it first came out in 2005. I decked it out with 20-inch chrome rims and a TV headrest. I put 2-subwoofer boxes with a 15-inch speaker on each side and a separate battery to amplify it. I created a new experience to drive to my destinations. I started going to car shows and attracted a different crowd of people who were into the same thing’s. I was obsessed with a luxury lifestyle, while I was still living with my parents on no obligations except for my new car payments.

I was looking forward to every Friday because I had a new toy to party with every weekend. Knowing I had a decked out car on my parents drive way, I felt the need to justify those monthly car payments by going out every weekend. So I did what anyone in there 20’s would do, yes I popped lots of bottles with a different group of entourage every weekend. It seemed like I was living the lifestyle of a celebrity already except it was with my hard earned money and low obligations.


In my mid 20’s I left my job where I was a tool and die supervisor at a manufacturer for a cash in transit logistic company that paid more. It seemed to me where there was an increase of income there was an increase in my life style. One day I went to a big car show where there were models and fancy cars. It was like going to a fast and furious car show. I met a person who would soon become my best friend. The moment we met I knew there was something unique about him. It was like Damon Dash meeting Jay-Z for the first time. He was driving an Orange mango Daytona special edition R/T Charger. This was a time when the charger was still fairly new. He had a few girls to model for his car. I still remember this very day when he was carrying around a toy car in his hand that was identical to his own car. We both had the same rims on our cars that compelled us to meet. His name was “D” and he became a big part of my life that day.


Like anything else novelty always fades away and has another replacement for its old experience. Being around my new friend and his fast car had an influence in my next car purchase. I wanted something brighter and faster then the car I was driving. I had a poster of the preview model SRT8 Dodge Challenger 2008 on my wall. When the car launched at the end of 2008 I went to trade my car in for an Orange Dodge Challenger R/T. It came at 375 Horsepower with 400 pounds of torque. This was enough to press me on my seat every time I made those mufflers scream. LOL excuse me as I laugh out loud to myself while writing this.


Ok I am back to finishing this off.

Without a surprise it didn’t take me long to deck this car out. I put 22-inch black and orange custom rims on it and replaced the stock mufflers for custom performance mufflers. Entering the 3rd phase of my 20’s was the most important part of my 20’s. I can honestly say I have learned valuable skills and experiences during this time period. I have encountered many bad relationships and jealous friends that wanted to hold me back. If there is one thing I can say about any ambitious person is to not expect them to remain the same with you. I thought having nice things would make me appreciated and admired but boy was I wrong. It’s inevitable that you’re going to offend people who don’t have what you have. There was even a time where my car got vandalized in my parent’s garage. Yes we all thought it was the crazy “X” including the police officer who I reported it to.

I could not think of anyone who would have the balls to come into my parents garage and mark X’s on the whole entire hood and passenger side of the car. Speaking of X’s I still wonder.



This was the time I truly got to know who was real and who was fake in my life. My circle got smaller. It was just me and D cruising together until we met another person apart of the nightlife who would soon also become a close friend of ours. We will say his name was “H”. “H” was the person who could get into any nightclubs without lining up or paying. His social game was on another level. He was clever and charming. He was valuable to our small circle because he could get us in the finest clubs in Toronto without any problems.

 Yes I’m From The 6ix


During the end of my 20’s I felt like there was something missing in my life. Deep down inside I knew this crazy life had no purpose to it. I realized there wasn’t enough toys or novelty to distract me long enough from my purpose.

I still chased skirts, and popped bottles with my friends until one day I picked up a book that would alter the direction of my life for good. The Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ. Demarco. I hated reading books in school so how did I cross this road? I asked myself. All I can say is this book shifted my mind. Even my friends noticed the huge change in my presence and behavior. From that day on I have been an active reader on personal development.

Sadly it took until the end of my 20’s to finally put my seat belt on. Now that I am in my 30’s I realize that time is not waiting for me anymore.


If I could tell my 20-year-old self something about his life, it would be to open up books a lot faster and be true to yourself even if it means disappointing others. I don’t regret anything because I wouldn’t be who I am today. But if I had a choice to put my seat belt on earlier, I wouldn’t hesitate. I would probably be a lot further with my life by now if I had just made the choice to put my seat belt on. What I am doing in my 30’s is what I should have been doing in my 20’s. I know it isn’t too late for me but to know this now in your 20’s is more valuable then Gold. I would have saved and invested all that money I spent in my 20’s. Believe me I spent a lot of money in that 10 year period I can’t get back. Most of all I spent my time on things that didn’t matter or make a difference in my life. If your still in your 20’s I hope you put your seat belt on so your future self can thank you.


“Give a man who is unwise Gold and it will leave him, but give a man wisdom and the gold should cling to him”


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  • Damion

    Reply Reply March 2, 2017

    This real. Alot of people post articles like this, online and you wonder if they are just making stuff up just to sound witty. This I can validate, because I meet you during this phase and remember some of details which poses in this article. I remembered once, it was your encouragement that gave me the push to leave a job where I was stuck in a comfort zone to where I am today. Today as I look back, I can honestly say that I am happy to take that leap.

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