Why The Best Revenge Is To Improve Yourself

This may sound vindictive and personal to you. Well Let me make it personal so that you can improve yourself by having the increase of respect and honor from the people who take you for granted. There are many qualities associated with improving yourself. If you want to improve your communication, financial health and relationships then you need to focus on the things you can control.



Improved Attitude

This is an under estimated quality we tend to overlook. Nobody can train you to have a great attitude in this world. This is something you and I can control at anytime. Having a winning attitude not only affects you in a positive way but it also improves the quality of your relationships. The ingredients to a winning attitude are empathy, perception, humility and an unshakeable self-image. These qualities will make a great leader in any industry. People with great attitudes are very easy to talk to and they are approachable. Harness this quality today and you will build a foundation to your greatest version.

 “Success is mostly an inner process” 

Improved Communication

 Communication is usually the first sign of someone who has changed. If you want to improve yourself let this speak out loud for itself. If your vocabulary is bad it’s because of who you surround yourself with. Do not underestimate the power of influence. I talk about this in walking away from the 95%.


Improved Body Composition

Once you have mastered your communication with others then you can improve the non-verbal part, which is your body language. This gets picked up from the subconscious mind and it displays alpha behavior. People tend to avoid confrontations with a person who has a powerful body language. It displays that you don’t take shit from others and your willing to stand your ground. If you watch the show Suits just take a look at how Harvey Specter walks around his building. That is a person you don’t want to mess with. I find that people become submissive when I display a powerful body language. In the animal kingdom, you will identify who the alpha in the pack is just by simply observing how they carry themselves.


Another thing that compliments your body composition is weight lifting. You don’t need to be a body builder but you need to have a frame for your body. The first sign of your body frame is your shoulders. I highly recommend you start to develop broad shoulders before you work on your back and chest. Once you have a frame you can go to work on all the muscle groups.


Improved Mental Capacity

 Consuming great content like this article is conducive for your mind. Read books, download audio books and listen to podcasts. You need to have a Gorilla Mindset if you want to improve everything in your life. Intelligence is not just sexy but it’s a powerful weapon. It’s time to get out of the sheep mentality and get on the winning mentality. Feed your mind with the right ingredients and you have armed yourself with wisdom.

“The quality of my life depends on the quality of my thinking”


Improved Financial Confidence

When you’re tight on money you lose sight of your goals and passion. If all your thinking about is where you will get your next meal or how to feed your children then it will derail you away from improving yourself. Imagine yourself with having enough money in your bank account right now. The feeling of having money in your account is associated with security, freedom and confidence. If we want to improve our lives then we must change the relationship with money as soon as possible. What I have noticed is that when we tend to have extra income coming in, we look at it as a disposable income. This is a big problem for most of us. We have more gratifications then the money that’s coming in. Here is basic advice that people used over 5,000 years ago to get rich. Live off 70% of your income, pay your debts off with 20% and pay yourself first with 10% every paycheque you make. Your spending behavior will always adjust to how much money is available. Apply this simple strategy and you will be in a different place in just 1 year.

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