A Boss Mentality For 2018

A Boss Mentality For 2018


I apologize for being away for so long and thank you all for the great comments on the articles. It’s great to know how much value you all take from the content on this blog. At first I didn’t know where this blog would go but I have received so many emails from you all and it inspired me to get back to posting again. Well I will be glad to tell you I have some impressive content for you all this year. I am coming from a different place this time and I can expand on challenging your mind in different areas of your life.


 I have read so many garbage content out there. So many un-authentic writers today. If there is one thing I have learned about reading and researching it’s to be careful from whom you’re listening to. Fuck fake people and their misleading information. I read so many books about wealth just to find out the authors haven’t made any real money. In fact the only money they made was from teaching how to make money when they haven’t acquired any wealth themselves. Ok enough of this and lets get into some Boss Shit.



First thing is first a Boss doesn’t call anyone a Boss because they no longer need to ask anybody for anything. Self-reliance is the number one ingredient to have a Boss mentality. Bosses don’t count on anyone but themselves. Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself to anyone. The easiest habit to acquire is to depend on others. Look at all the people who grind a 9-5 for just a weekend. No one questions it and that’s why most people don’t have the freedom to take time off whenever they please. Take the time this year to build your value up and define your dreams so you can make a rich plan. Expect more from yourself than from others.


“Self-Reliance leads to intellectual Independence” – Ameen Rihani


Confidence Is Sexy


We live in a dog eat dog world today and compassion has its place on Earth but to compete in the sport of business, you have to have some balls to face the world’s indifferences. A Boss knows where they are going and what results they are looking for. A powerful body language has strong convictions behind it and a Boss knows how to close. People don’t buy what you have, they buy into the person who stands for something they might want to be apart of. Confidence is demonstrated through physical expression. As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live.


“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” –Steve Jobs


 A Fearless Approach


Lets face it, fear is probably paralyzing you if you haven’t started that idea yet. A Boss is aware of fear but they don’t let fear hijack their mind. Fear is an indication of what you need to do to break out of your limitations. Fear has robed many men from living the life they have dreamed of. We all feel the same emotions but only a few know how to empower their emotions. Life is your responsibility and there is no one coming to rescue you from your fears. Time waits for nobody and your going to have to Boss up.





“Death Gotta be easy, because life is hard, it’ll leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred” -50 cent




No matter where you are in your life you have to be happy with what you have first. If your miserable now, chances are you won’t be any fun to be around with money in the bank. Just because people doubt you doesn’t mean you should doubt yourself. Andrew Carnegie who was once the richest man in the world said to Napoleon Hill that faith has the power to break all limitations in the mind. Read that line again because I highlighted it for a reason. That to me was probably my favourite all time quote. It’s crazy how most people look to religion when things are going tough and when things are back to running again the last place you will ever see them is in a church LOL. Work hard at what your trying to aim for and mix it with faith. Have faith that everything is going to workout even if you don’t know how. Faith is the guidance from Infinite intelligence according to Andrew Carnegie who was the biggest Boss in history.


Be Relentless & Obsessed


Every super successful person I study has these 2 traits on the top of their list. Bosses show up to work even when they don’t feel like it. Often you will find times where they are the first people at work and the last ones to leave. For some of you a paycheque might be suitable but for the readers who are looking for more, then you better be fucking relentless in pursuing your dreams. Motivation doesn’t keep you up at night its obsession that does. We are all obsessed about something in our lives, maybe its Netflix or social media. Either way you are obsessed about the wrong things or the right things. The Bosses that have their shit together have changed a negative addiction they once had into relentless work today. How do you keep going when you want to quit? You have to be relentless and obsessed.

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    Wow this is amazing content. Thank you for the wisdom.

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    You can’t find content like this. This is very impressive, keep going.

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