It can be said without any doubt whatsoever that the world has become more competitive over the last two decades particularly with the giant strides made in technology. It has given people more opportunities to express themselves and be better at what they are doing. Whether we want to admit it or not, life is…

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How To Fight A Mediocre Life

HOW TO FIGHT A MEDIOCRE LIFE What exactly is a mediocre life and why is it necessary to fight it? A mediocre life or a life of a mediocrity is one that is ordinary and has nothing special about it. Mediocrity in the real sense of it depicts the lack of quality in something that…

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How Your Burning Desire Can Save Your Life

  In order to get out of something you hate you must use your strong emotions to get out of it. There are some strong emotions that can develop a sense of urgency and we will discuss and go through a few here. Learning how to channel your emotions and using it, as fuel to…

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