It can be said without any doubt whatsoever that the world has become more competitive over the last two decades particularly with the giant strides made in technology. It has given people more opportunities to express themselves and be better at what they are doing. Whether we want to admit it or not, life is a competition especially in the 21st century and there is not something particularly new that one person does that is not in existence before or that others will not copy which means to stand out, you need to have the ‘special factor’. What is this special factor, you might wonder? The special factor is nothing other than creativity.

Creativity is the ability to turn new imaginative ideas into reality; basically, it is a function of knowledge, curiosity and evaluation such that you come up with new innovations that separate you from the rest of the pack. Due to the fact that creativity is an ability, it has to be developed which means adding more knowledge and information to yourself from time to time. This is because the knowledge or information will be a springboard through which new ideas can be generated, evaluated and implemented. The beautiful thing about creativity is that it is unlimited and neither does it get exhausted because it works based on how far you’re willing to stand out from people that are in the same field as you are.

Creativity is a process that is divided into three stages, which are the discovery stage, invention stage and creation stage. The discovery stage is where you stumble upon an idea or thought which then leads you to the invention stage which happens after you decide on what you will like that idea to be like. After deciding on that, you then create the effects that implementing such ideas will generate. Truth is, in the world of today, being more creative with each passing day will give you the necessary edge and put you ahead of others either you’re a student, a company executive or a business owner. You need to make use of the advancement in technology to your advantage by coming up with new ways of doing things. Let us critically examine six ways by which you can actually be creative:

  • Become an expert in your field: practice makes perfect, they say. One thing that aids creativity is to master some tasks in the field that you are involved in because considering creativity is a function of knowledge, being an expert in your field will grant you the needed knowledge that will allow you to discover new ways of doing things.

  • Ask the right questions: a lot of times, we tend to ask the wrong questions, which has stifled our level of creativity. Even when have a particular question about a task, find variants to that question such that you’re able to ask it in about four to five different ways. This will help you to be more creative because you start finding answers to these questions and this consequently expands your creative ability.

  • Keep an open mind: an open mind is open to ideas because you tend to see the environment in a different light and creativity is about seeing something others are not seeing and then using it to be successful. Keeping an open mind also makes you more observant which means you can make sense from every little thing and that is the key to creativity- bringing out ‘sense’ form ‘nonsense’.

  • Find your passion and revel in it: what exactly are you passionate about? Find it and revel in it; in fact, be obsessed with it and be ready to know all you can about it. This will set you thinking and with time, you will have an influx of ideas that you will have to just implement which will set you apart.

  • Utilize available technology for your own good: the internet is a place of knowledge and information such that you might be surfing the internet one day and get hit by an idea that will generate positive results for either your business or your career but the problem is, a lot of people use the internet for the wrong reasons like just making their presence known on the social media without a definite reason or checking for irrelevant contents. However, if you’re really interested in being creative, then you might as well make the internet your second home because you will find enough content to activate your creative side.

  • Learn positive social interaction: one great secret to creativity is learning to interact with people and listening to them particularly when they are saying beneficial things as you will pick up new things from there which means while it is good to do some thinking and meditation on your own, a little bit of social interaction with the right people will help you on your quest for creativity.

Overall, the importance of creativity cannot be over-emphasized and neither can it be taken for granted, which is why as an individual interested in getting ahead in life, creativity has got to be part of your mantra.

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  • Mitchelle

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    Great tips. I really appreciate your time in putting together this inspirational piece. No doubt one has to be creative and to really achieve this, the tips you presented above have to be adhered to; asking the right questions, keeping an open mind, finding you passion etc. One thing I’ve also learnt in life is to develop great enthusiasm for the skills you’ve got and be proud of it.

    I enjoy reading through your articles. You’re doing a great job.

  • Kate

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    I just love reading through your articles. I’m always inspired when I read your articles. Please sustain the track. God bless Ambition matters.

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