How To Embody Spartan Values

It is said that Spartans are the most disciplined warriors of our time and it was their values that made them stand out.

 Each Spartan has a purpose and they are always willing to die for its fulfillment. They would rather die then give up. One of their values is to respect themselves, which means bow down to no man. This is why they were feared across the world in their time. Spartans would rise early everyday and train together. Everything they did had its purpose. They did not use drugs or drink alcohol because to them it served no purpose to a warrior’s body.


Spartans were taken from their mothers at a young age because the mother would make a Spartan weak by giving it comfort and love. In order to create the ultimate warrior such a thing had to be forbidden. A Spartan was trained to get use to discomfort. They went without food for days and they embraced the cold weather. This would test the strength of their character by being ready for any discomfort in a long battle.  

As you can see today we live in a different world where we seek comfort and pleasure when it’s possible. So how can we apply some of the Spartan values in our lives today?



Behavior #1 Self-Discipline


Without self-discipline you cannot achieve what you want and you cannot avoid what you don’t want. Confidence and self-discipline go hand in hand because its purpose is to strengthen your character. Spartans were all about dominating each area of their lives so they could become the ultimate warrior. For you this could mean getting your money right or being in the best shape ever. Either way it requires extreme self-discipline.


“There is no domination without discipline.”  

–Grant Cardone



Behavior #2 Kill What Kills You


Like I said Spartans had one purpose attached to their goal and it was to be the ultimate warrior. They ate food that served this purpose and they killed their comfort zones everyday. Today society offers many things that are killing us. Alcohol, pornography, gambling, drugs and processed foods. All of the above is a misuse of our dopamine. We have become dopamine junkies today. Most people don’t even know they have a problem with all of the above. Life is a responsibility and we fail to neglect this. Substitute your drug for life, success and discipline. The contentment that you would feel would be unparalleled to anything else.



Behavior #3 Make Discomfort Your Friend


Spartans killed every ounce of weakness a human being carried around and tied their purpose to their strength. They didn’t have the comfort of their mothers as a child. They were sent out to the dessert without water and they were sent out in the extreme cold to test their strength. Only those who were strong came back from the harsh circumstances. Our lives are not this extreme today but follow these steps for 30 days and it will get rid of your weaknesses.

 1.Take a cold shower

2. Try Intermittent fasting

3. No fapping

4. No alcohol


All of the above is not an easy challenge for the average person but if you ask a Spartan they would probably laugh at this. These are all life hacks because it increases your dopamine levels. People have reported the following benefits from these steps such as, walking around with more energy, sleeping better, overcoming social anxiety, feeling more optimistic, a sense of direction, more alpha attitude, and an intense focus. It’s time to stop all the unhealthy habits, they have been stopping you from moving forward for way too long. If you want to see what your true potential is then just reading this alone will not serve that purpose however, implementing what you have learned here can take off the lid from your limitations.









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