How To Go From Amateur To Pro

The difference between these 2 mental states, is pushing through pain and discomfort when you don’t feel like doing the work. The amateurs are attached to the goal and the pros are in love with the process.


When we hit the snooze button or skip the gym we make an exception not knowing the habit we are creating in our lives. Exception becomes a rule in life and then it turns into a habit of neglect. You need to stop thinking like an amateur and start thinking like a pro. Becoming a pro isn’t about being a workaholic. It means that your good at making decisions on the things that matter to you. One thing is for certain you will never regret important work.


Start thinking like a pro today and make no room for any amateur habits in your life. If we wait for motivation or inspiration to do our work then our work will be inconsistent. Amateurs and professionals hate doing the work that is necessary but the pros do it anyways. It doesn’t have to be painful if you change what the work means to you.


Stick to a schedule and make no room for negotiations. It’s difficult to stick to a schedule at first but the discomfort is temporary. You want to set a schedule based on actions and not just outcomes. You have to go from I will lose 10 pounds to I will run 10 miles, or I am a lifter to I am lifting. Setting a schedule will not make you a pro but following a schedule will. Amateurs let life get in the way and they make exceptions to not show up when they are not inspired. Inspiration is always on the other side of the work. The pros show up when they don’t feel like it and go home inspired. Do the things you want to do without getting life in the way.


Focus on the process of a goal you want to achieve. To many of us get attached to a goal and when we see no results we give up. The easiest way for us to stay motivated is to focus on the small wins. When we focus on small wins, we can break down the goals to small actions. The fact that you are winning in these small actions, it shows progress in your life. The enemy of progress is being overwhelmed with to many things to do. The pros are laser focused in one area of their lives and this is why they are called pros. Being laser focused in any area of your life will slowly start to turn into a domino effect.


Are you dedicated to eliminating distractions and clutter in your life so you can focus on the important issues? An interviewer once asked the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt do you think winning the race tomorrow is going to be hard? Usain Bolt replied to the interviewer that his training is the hardest part and competing for the big race is the easy part for him. The work behind the scenes is often the hardest part for anyone who wants to become a pro. Look at Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan for example, they trained in the gym while their colleagues were out partying and popping bottles. If you want your name to be remembered let them remember you for showing up relentlessly.


“It’s better to do something at 100% then it is at 98%”



You Are Not Alone


You don’t have to face the pain of becoming a pro all by yourself, this website is for a community of people who are ambitious and want to be committed to the work that matters to them. Whether you want to be more physically fit, healthier, run a business or write a book you can always stop by here to get ideas that will help you persevere through difficult times. We are all looking to improve ourselves and I would love to help you however I can.


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