How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

 We live most of our lives with the emergency brakes on and we become indecisive when opportunities show up. We tell ourselves we are not ready or it’s not the perfect time. We fail to realize that we are getting in our own way. There will never be a perfect time to start something. Most people live the first half of their lives thinking they’re too young to start something and the second half of their lives thinking they’re too old to start something. If you apply just some of the actions below, it is inevitable your life will take a positive direction.



 We all have our vices and if we don’t confront it, the people closest to us will find out about them soon enough. Whether it’s gambling, alcohol or over-eating it will come to a point where you cannot conceal it anymore from the people closest to you. A quote from a stoic philosopher once said “ You will be remembered for either your vices or virtues after your death” We have to cross the river of virtue before death in order to give meaning to our lives. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then this would explain why we make 360 degrees back into the same spot. We take 2 steps forward and then 2 steps backwards. We are truly more than crazy to see any changes in our lives with this approach. You either can be committed to self-destruction or self-improvement. Each time you derail yourself from a goal or a project, you are getting in the way of yourself. Free yourself of all your vices and pursue excellence and success will chase you.



Mental Battles

 Everyone has mental battles but only a few are winning the war. Your mind is a weapon and if you give it the steering wheel it will let off gunfire’s in your own mind. Rule your mind or it will rule you. Our minds shape our reality through our own perceptions or its own deceptions. When I start to feel a bit irritated by something caused in my environment, I can hear my own thoughts trying to deceive me into reacting to a situation by my ego. I silence my ego by changing what the problem or situation means to me. We all have the choice to change any perceptions in our lives, which give us more control over our reality. The mind is a creature of habit, it thrives of dominating thoughts. You can alter your reality by becoming greater than your own mind. Once you can control your own mind the universe will surrender to you. Events will gravitate to your life thorough the frequency your mind is broadcasting. Your thoughts are magnetic, use it to get out of your own way.



Conquer Yourself

 “The greatest victory that can be attained is not by conquering your enemy but by conquering yourself”


  If you want to dominate anything in life you first have to dominate yourself. You cannot control anything outside of you but you can control everything inside of you. Make discipline and confidence your 2 best allies so you can conquer fear and experience liberty. If you approach life like this there is nothing that can get in your way. You will have everything you desire in your life by adopting these 2 attributes in your character. Doors will open up and people will be attracted to you. The world has no choice but to respond to this authenticity. You will rise above criticism and your purpose will be radiating around you. People will feel the strong presence by your character. When you possess this type of power you become a big influencer that can impact the world.


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