How To Re-create Yourself

This is a question I have been asked a lot and I have some powerful ideas on how I can relate this to you.


Idea #1

You can re-create yourself from the outside first by finding a new hairstyle or a new wardrobe to improve your appearance. By doing this you can alter peoples judgments made by how you appear to them first.

Idea #2

You can also re-create yourself from the inside by changing what you say about yourself and how you see yourself. The quality of your thinking has to be different by empowering the self-talk you have with yourself. Be conscious about your behavior and habits, as they are the keys to the power of re-creating yourself.

Idea #3

The first sign of any change that people see is often your communication. The most important factor of this communication is your body language. How you carry yourself and how the slight gestures to every interaction can be perceived to take you more or less serious. Your non-verbal communication is 80% stronger then your verbal communication and this is why I need to stress the importance of this factor. Secondly your verbal communication can be re-created by slowing down what you say and how you say it. Most people talk from the throat and chest but often fail to talk from their diaphragm. Speak from your belly and you will notice the change in your tonality. Practice deep belly breathing 5 to 10 minutes a day and you will master this. Let your voice carry out authority and conviction.

Idea #4

Take back your Identity because the society we live in today puts you into a category. Your role in life must be to gain power over your identity by not conforming to society. This is why every action you take on re-creating yourself has to be non-conforming at all times. Often our friends, family and whom we associate with most mold our personality. Social conditioning comes from our fears and anxiety and this is why we have to question them. This is not who we really are.

The 4 big ideas I have illustrated above are significant to any change. Such a process requires killing the old-version of you and giving birth to a whole new version of yourself. Understand that you’re molding yourself to who you want to be. The world cannot ignore such authenticity when you take these actions. As always thank you and take back what’s yours.


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