Motivation In 90 Words #2

sunrise-1791434_1280Your Morning Rituals Impact The Day

What Is the first thing you do in your morning? Most people get out of their beds and plug straight into their phone screens looking for validations to remind them of their self-worth. This behaviour does not have a compelling purpose for the day. Your time needs to be spent on yourself first thing in the morning whether this is self-reflection or meditation. When the mind doesn’t start the day with any stimulation, it clicks into gear with your purpose. Are you waking up to your purpose everyday? 

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  • Jake

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    Feeling so guilty! This is just what I do whenever I wake up from bed, I just go straight to my phone, though without a define aim in mind. Most times I do feel is not really good. I think is time to let go this habit and learn how to define my purpose for every day.

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