Motivation In 90 Words #5

Carve Your Destiny

“If you never give up on your dreams then luck has to be on your side” 

Most people are still living their lives not knowing what their purpose is. What happen to that young kid who had a dream one day to be something great? Now that we are adults living a life obligated to work for someone, we have lost grip of our dreams. We have settled like most people in this world. Our current jobs have made our environment so comfortable that it has made us hard to see through reality. Don’t let your dreams die.


I have presented a great documentary to you below. If your still not happy with your life, watch it and you will get massive value from it as I did.

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  • Gemma

    Reply Reply January 6, 2017

    You’re doing a great job. I can’t thank you enough, the motivational words, the video, I found it so helpful, it keeps me going. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Reply Reply January 7, 2017

    It reminds me of my past. Truly when I was young could conceive great dream but growing up to experience the problems of life, most of those dream seems not to be realistic or easy to achieve. But U believe working towards your dreams and not letting it die can help us to achieve something close to such dream even if its not the exact things we dream of. Inspirational words, I must admit. Thank you ambition matters.

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