Why You Must Walk Away From The 95%

There are a small number of people in this world who are crazy enough to change the world. In order to be this crazy you need to think wildly different from the 95%. If you don’t understand why people can’t understand the way you think then keep reading.




 You are obsessed in what you’re pursuing and you make people sick. You probably even talk about it most of the time. You just don’t get why people wouldn’t support the way you think. If this is you then you definitely do not belong with the 95%. Most people are obsessed with the wrong things and they don’t even know it. They could be obsessed with drinking, partying, shopping, or watching TV. These things are considered to be normal to the 95% because it doesn’t challenge the status quo.

  When you are obsessed with your ideas and goals, then you are challenging the status quo. Small minds discuss people and you cannot have a discussion about your ideas with small thinkers.

 There was a time where I have been told I have a mental illness for the way I think. I laughed and understood this judgement made to me because it came from a small thinker. From that experience I now conceal my intentions about my dreams and goals around the wrong people. You are wasting precious time and energy into explaining how you want to change the world or how you want to be an influencer when you’re around the wrong people. People that don’t have dreams will kill your dreams and people that don’t have ambition will be ambitious killers.




 You have to see the invisible before you see the visible. People that have changed our modern world today have changed our world with an expression of a thought. Take that in for a second. Look around all the materials around you right now and understand that it was all an expression of a single thought forming in the mind.

 Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers will always be remembered for the vision that took place in their minds. There are only a few people in our world today who think wildly different and the majority is often busy discussing people and events. If you have a vision, then do not share them with vision killers.




  The 95% is passionate about spending money and not saving a dime or investing. This is why they have financial problems. If you were to divide all the money in the world evenly with people around the world it would soon enough find its way back in the same hands again. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


 People that are over weight are very passionate about fast food and people that discuss people are very passionate about gossip. If you’re a person who is passionate about your dreams and goals then you need to be around people with the same passions. If you hang with overweight friends you will develop their lazy habits. If you hang with broke people you will accept debt.


“Chase your passion and not a pension”




  I know it’s difficult to walk away from your friends or family members but often it is them who limit you. If you don’t know how to walk away from them then another suggestion I can make to you is to limit your time with whom you’re associating with. This will free up time to get in the right state of mind so you can work on your ideas and goals.


 Most of the people around us have settled in their lives and it’s very sinful for you to want less content in life. The same thing that makes a plant want to grow into a flower is the same thing that wants to help you grow. The law of increase is to seek life with full potential and growth. The thing that separates us is transformation. Walk away from the 95%.


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