How To Use Creative Visualization

This has been the secret tool for Olympic medalist, high achievers, celebrities, bodybuilders and entrepreneurs. We misuse this imagination for stress and fear. This tool can accelerate your goals and open up doors to opportunities.


Accelerate Life Goals

Creative visualization can accelerate your life by tapping into your subconscious mind and inner resources. You must understand that the universe works in mysterious ways. If we become what we think about all day long then we better use this tool for something greater. Imagine if our intention and goals were very clear to us. All we have to do is steer our thoughts in the right direction. I have used this tool when it came to career changes through out my life. I am stunned on how it works over and over. There were times where all I could think about was being in a job I had applied for and all I could imagine was working that new job. Sure enough I became the successful applicant in a very competitive job posting. This tool of creative visualization has never let me down in my own experiences.

Spot Hidden Opportunities

This is why it is so important for you to think about your goals all day long or write it down somewhere. When you tell your mind what you want, it goes to work by filtering your reality and spotting opportunities that are aligned with your thoughts. The reticular activating system is known as the brains attention center. When you think about buying a new car it automatically becomes the only car you see on the road. This is because it’s the gatekeeper of information for the subconscious mind. The reticular activating system decides what’s important and what can be safely ignored.

The Power Of Imagination

We have access to a powerful source that can alter our future at any moment. People who are well known in this world have used this source to reach their highest potential. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he had a vision to become the world’s greatest bodybuilder in his time. After he used this powerful tool for his vision, he then practiced the exact same thing to become the top Hollywood star in his time. Oprah Winfrey talks a lot about the law of attraction and without her clear intentions to the universe she wouldn’t be worth billions today. Another actor who has also used the power of imagination was Jim Carey. Jim wrote 10 million dollars on a blank check and kept it in his wallet to convince his mind that he has attained it.


“Imagination is more important the knowledge” – Albert Einstein

 How To Use Creative Visualization

Take 10 minutes out of your day first thing in the morning. Think of an ideal goal or something you want to happen in your life. Close your eyes and make it vivid on HD TV. The TV you’re watching should be broadcasting your future and imagine that you are living a life that you deserve. The second thing you want to do is amp it up with your 5 senses. This will amplify your experience 100 times. You can smell the leather on your brand new car, you can hear the ocean breeze by your patio, you can see yourself walking to a business meeting and you can taste the champagne you are toasting to. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between thoughts and the real world you live in. It creates the same feelings that create the same experiences, which make it real. We are all creators and we have created our life to this very moment.

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